Virtual Electronic Whiteboard

YC-Pointer is a new type of electronic whiteboard graphics processing technology. It can capture and analyze the action of YC-pointer electronic pen on the demonstration image.


Virtual interactive demonstration whiteboard, YC-pointer

What is YC-pointer

YC-Pointer is a new type of electronic whiteboard graphics processing technology. It can capture and analyze the action of YC-pointer electronic pen on the demonstration image.

The application of YC-POINTER, projector, PDP, LCD, back projection image and any other demonstration equipment can quickly become a high-quality convenient electronic whiteboard.

How to Use YC-Pointer

- Align YC-pointer to the projected image and connect YC-pointer to your computer through YCSB

- Fast image calibration using positioning system

With YC-Pointer, any image system can be turned into an electronic whiteboard.

Main FeatY Cres


Suitable for any size & any demonstration equipment

YC-pointer can sense images transmitted from forward projection and back projection, so PDP, LCD, back projection TV, projection and other products can be applied and turned into electronic whiteboard. You can turn any demo device you are using into an electronic whiteboard. It can accurately sense images up to 150 feet.

Accurate and fluent writing

YC-pointer's ultra-high resolution allows you to write 20-pixel fonts on your projection

Quick response! Sampling rate of 60 frames per second makes your electronic writing as smooth and comfortable as paper writing.

Simple installation process

A variety of options for installation: desktop, ceiling, or even integrated into your projector. YC-pointer's compact fuselage and various installation methods make it easy to install anywhere.

The calibration and positioning process is extremely simple. Build your electronic whiteboard system in a few minutes. Anyone can use it. With YCSB power supply, no additional batteries need to be installed.

High cost performance ratio

The initial purchase cost is much lower than that of writing board whiteboard.

Programs such as positioning and calibration can be performed by any user without the need for professional engineers.

Lower maintenance costs.

The most intuitive interaction with your PC

YC-pointer can be used to click on the computer, double-click, right-click drag and other mouse operations.

The most intuitive interactive demonstration is through the image. It enables the demonstrator to remotely control the content of the demonstration.

application area

Education: YC-pointer will save you the high cost of installing electronic whiteboards in classrooms. Your speeches will be automatically saved as multimedia records, video documents or used in online classes. YC-pointer allows your course to be reused.

Business: A new interactive presentation that allows you to maintain eye contact with your audience in meetings and seminars. In situations where you need to concentrate, such as brainstorming group discussions and meetings, you won't have to worry about taking notes. Any written content will be completely stored in the computer, no omission!

Virtual Electronic Whiteboard

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